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  Resident Evil Official Strategy Guide


BradyGAMES has returned with an extensive walkthrough of the new Resident Evil game for the Nintendo Gamecube console. The guide covers only the Nintendo version of the game because the Resident Evil series is now a Nintendo Gamecube exclusive. The book has the same feel to it as the game itself. All the pages are dark and moody just like the real game.


Highly Detailed Maps
- Depict every area and pinpoint key items!
Complete Walkthroughs for Jill and Chris
- Lead you through the entire game-twice! Strategies help you manage your inventory, solve complex puzzles, pick the best weapon, and much more!
Expert Boss Tactics
- Show you how to defeat each ghastly beast!

Review ID Number: 561
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Review Date: 2002-05-07
Reviewer: Colin Unger
Rating: 10 out of 10
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