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  Air Raid: This Is Not A Drill
Words from the company:
Air Raid thrusts you into the adrenaline-pumping, action packed world of a World War II battleship under enemy fire. You are stationed behind the awesome firepower of a 40mm Bofor Anti-Aircraft fixed deck gun on the bow of a battleship reminiscent of the famed U.S.S. Missouri. Your mission is to blast away at the endless onslaught of enemy attackers hell bent on sinking your battleship. Honor, glory and pride are on the line, but your primary goal is simply to survive.

The Review:
Installation went smoothly and you can play the game without the cd in the drive. The game consist of you and your big guns on your ship. You get a 360 degree rotation with the guns and almost straight up. These planes come at you shooting and dropping bombs on you and in the latter levers they also drop torpedoes to get your ship from underwater.

You get a limited supply of ammo so you cannot just hold the trigger cause you will certainly run out in a short time and your mission will fail. There are also ships that come at you firing so you have to stop them as well. All in all, the whole scene does look fairly realistic for a war scene.

When you are playing, the noise and the blasts are all un-nerving and you can get quite lost in the whole affair. The graphics are not the greatest but for what this game is, it is just fine. This game reminds me of my olden days of shoot-em-ups at the arcade. A kind of mindless fun.

The program auto saves to the last level you succeeded and if you start a new game, it will overwrite the last level you had before. So for shoot-em-up fans, this one's for you.

Review ID Number: 57
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Big City Games
Review Date: 2003-06-27
Reviewer: Nick Sardy
Rating: 6 out of 10
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