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  Absolute Beginner’s Guide To Wi-Fi Wireless Networking
Words From the company:
WiFi is one of the fastest growing technologies of all time and everyone is interested in learning how to use it. This book makes all the information about WiFi, including the standards and protocols, and how they relate easy to understand. This book covers everything about WiFi, from what to look for how to set up a users computer with WiFi to finding hotspots and access points. Users will be able to configure a home network and share internet connections quickly and easily. And all important security issues are covered so that a user is less exposed to threats.

The Review:
Fairly recently we have been setting up Wi-Fi sites and I have found this book very informative.
The book covers everything from setting up a Wi-Fi to creating a network as well as security and much more. The language used in the book is not very technical so it is very easy to understand and follow.

The book is only 298 pages so you can certainly carry it unlike some of those two to three inchers that you need a dolly to haul around. There are quite a few illustrations in the book explaining networks and the such and I would recommend this book to all who would like to find out what Wi-Fi is and how it works.

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Review Date: 2005-07-05
Reviewer: Nick Sardy
Rating: 8 out of 10
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