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  Windows XP Power Hound – Teach Yourself New Tricks
This is not a book for beginners. It is more for advanced users who like to tweak Windows or Windows components by modifying Windows settings or with add on programs (external shareware or purchase). If it recommends a program it describes its function and gives you an address on the web.

It is hard to describe what this book covers as it covers just about everything. It is well organized so you can look a specific item eg. “Killing the error messenger” and it will then lead you through the procedure using screen shots from Windows or the add-on programs.

I think that by listing the titles of the chapters you might get an idea of what the book covers:
1.- Getting Started
2.-The Desktop and Interface
3.- Windows Explorer and Searching
4.- Built-in Utilities
5.- Microsoft Office
6.- The Internet
7.- Web Browsers
8.- Email
9.- Networking
11.- System Speedups
12.- Security
13.- Crash Recovery
14.- Windows Media Player
15.- The Registry

As you can see it would be hard if not lengthy to describe each chapter in detail. Please go to the web site and look for yourself.
This is a book that I will keep in my library and I recommend it to advanced users who like to tweak (fix till they break) Windows XP.

Review ID Number: 575
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Review Date: 2005-03-14
Reviewer: John Mitchell
Rating: 8 out of 10
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