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  50 Windows XP Things You Must Know
This is the book I have been looking for, for the last 3-4 years.

It is designed for the new user of XP. It is not too basic but does start off with how to start and shut down Windows. It proceeds from there to making and using folders, changing your desktop and other basics. Then it goes on to email – how to set it up and how to use it (Outlook Express). Next it goes onto how to use Internet Explorer and browse the web..

After going through these basics that most of us know it goes into using and manipulating music, video and pictures.

It then it has a chapter on “Getting Out of a Jam” in which it tries to help the user solve hardware (driver), program and system problems – all simple to moderate problems but ones that we can experience frequently.

It most importantly has a chapter on “Be Safe” in which it discusses viruses, checking your disk for errors, setting internet security options (SP 2 specific), and lastly how to back up data files and using system restore points.

Lastly there is a chapter on installing and uninstalling programs, adding Windows components, windows updates and adding new hardware.

These functions are all basic to users who have been using XP for a while but are totally unfamiliar to a user who has just started using Windows XP. I have one that has just migrated from Windows 3.11 and was totally lost. This book is going to him.

I feel that all new users of Windows XP should purchase this book and I would suggest that Microsoft even include it with Windows XP.

One other thing that I really liked was that this book sticks with the XP applications and doesn’t suggest extra program that you can buy or get as freeware. It also has actual screen shots that you will see in XP.

It is definitely a must have for a new user

Review ID Number: 576
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Que Publishing
Review Date: 2005-03-14
Reviewer: John Mitchell
Rating: 12 out of 10
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