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  Sams Teach Yourself Adobe Premiere Pro in 24 Hours
The review:
I wanted to first give you a listing of the main topics in the Table of Contents to give you a real feel about the massive amount of information this book provides.

Part I
Hour 1. Touring Premiere Pro and presenting the DV workflow.
Hour 2. Camcorder and shooting tips
Hour 3. Story creation, writing and video production tips
Hour 4. Premiere Pro set up, video capture and scene selection
Hour 5. Scene selection and video capture
Hour 6. Creating a cuts-only video
Part II
Hour 7. Adding transitions between clips
Hour 8. Tackling text: using the title designer
Hour 9. Advances editing techniques and workspace tools
Hour 10. Adding video effects
Hour 11. Putting video and still clips in motion
Part III
Hour 12. Acquiring audio
Hour 13. Editing audio
Hour 14. Sweetening your sound
Hour 15. Professional audio tools: smartsound sonicfire and Adobe audition
Part IV
Hour 16. Using higher-level video effects.
Hour 17. Compositing part 1 – layering and keying clips
Hour 18. Compositing part 2 – Alpha channels and mattes
Hour 19. Tips, tricks and techniques – part 1
Hour 20. Tips, tricks and techniques – part 2
Hour 21. Third party products
Part V
Hour 22. Using Photoshop and after effects to enhance your DV project
Hour 23. Exporting Premiere Pro frames, clips, and sequences.
Hour 24. Authoring DVDs with Encore DVD

Here is the complete list of how this book helps you learn to use Adobe Premiere Pro and this step by step book will put you through the necessary paces to literally learn the program. I find this type of learning tool a must and a great reference tool as well. Learning by doing is the best method and this guide will walk you through the process. A definite keeper.

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Review Date: 2004-03-23
Reviewer: Nick Sardy
Rating: 10 out of 10
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