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In the second edition of MySQL Paul DuBois provides an updated, comprehensive guide to one of the most popular relational database systems.

MySQL is the most popular open source database server in the world, with more than 2 million installations and customers including Yahoo!,, Motorola, and NASA.

MySQL 4.0, now generally available, is a long-awaited update to the database management system that has many new features, including a new table definition file format, enhanced replication, and more functions for a full text search.

Instead of giving readers merely an overview of MySQL 4.0, DuBois continues to include the most sought-after answers to the questions he hears most often from the community.

The first third of MySQL is an excellent instruction tool for database newbies; the second third is a detailed reference for MySQL developers; and the last third consists of clearly annotated appendices, including C, Perl (but not Python), and PHP interfaces.

I had previously reviewed a MySQL Tutorial Book on this website which was a great starting place for new MySQL users. This book would be more geared towards users that already do have a decent understanding of MySQL. I think the books greatest attribute is also the books greatest downfall. There is so much information in this 800 page beauty that new MySQL users may not even begin to scratch the surface of this books value.

The information is so well presented and informative that you don't need to read the full 800 pages to get answers. Any MySQL questions that I had I was able to find quickly an efficiently in this book, while at the same time running into other bits of valuable information I hadn't thought of.

Really its quite simple, if you are only allowing for one MySQL reference book, wether you are a beginner or experienced MySQL user the one book you need is this one. Simply the best MySQL book I have come across to date.

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Sams Publishing
Review Date: 2004-02-04
Reviewer: Brad Lawryk
Rating: 10 out of 10
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