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  Jurassic Park
This is a Sim game that allows you to design and run every aspect of a dinosaur theme park. It has all the major characters from the movie to help you manage and run your park. You must clone and care for the dinosaurs, make sure that your visitors are happy, etc. This is a fairly typical Sim game, with a few twists!

Win 98/2000/ME/XP
800+MHz Pentium III, Celeron or AMD Athion Processor
256 MB RAM
700MB Hard Disk Space
300MB for Windows Swap File
640 x 480, 16-bit High Colour
DirectX 8.1b
64MB 3D Accelerator

Install was very easy – no problems here.

This is a fairly easy game to play, although I recommend going through the tutorials at first to get a good grasp of what is required to set up and run your park. The main focus of the game is getting as many different types of dinosaurs as you can into your park. In order to accomplish this, you must hire archaeologists and send them out on digs to get the dinosaur DNA that you need to clone your animals. Once you get the DNA, your research teams will extract it so you create the dinosaurs. You can also purchase DNA from the fossil market if you have enough cash on hand. You must have at least 50% DNA to begin cloning your dinosaur but more is recommended. The more DNA you have means the longer your dinosaur will live.

Another neat feature of this game are the park rangers. When a dinosaur needs to be medicated, immunized, or “put to sleep”, you take control of a helicopter, and zoom around the park shooting medication or bullets. Or you can actually pick up and move a dinosaur with the helicopter, as long as it’s not rampaging!

The graphics are well done, the dinosaurs move smoothly and are well animated, especially when they attack and kill each other. Try cloning a herbivore in a carnivore’s cage and see what happens! (This will upset some of your guests, but it is well worth watching at least once) The grass and the trees are also very well done, and I was impressed with the water effects. The reflections in the water are life-like and real, although the water didn’t move as it should when I drove the SUV through it.

There were a couple of things that I was disappointed in, however. There are a very limited amount of structures and attractions you can add to your park -- 5 each to be precise. One of these is the park entrance, so in my opinion, that only leaves 4 different structures. For a game of this overall quality, I was surprised at this. As far as attractions go, there is only a balloon ride, a jeep ride, and 3 kinds of viewing areas. Having a more theme objects would have made my park much more exciting instead of being fairly bland. Also, the size of the island you build your park on is very small, so that limits the size and amount of the enclosures you can keep your dinosaurs in.

Having said that, the game throws some pretty wild weather and other events at you that must be managed. Make sure you immunize your dinosaurs, or you will have a major disease outbreak on your hands. Also, you will lose your park rating if your guests die! This happens for a number of reasons – tornados, rampaging carnivores, breaks in the fences, etc.

If you aren’t into the park building thing, Jurassic Park offers 12 missions with a variety of skill levels and goals. You can drive around the park in the SUV, taking pictures of dinosaurs, or you can fly around the park trying to tranquilize rampaging T-Rexs. These mini-games offer a nice break from the hard work of managing your park. However, some of these missions are quite quick and easy to complete, so I wonder how often I would go back and play them, except to beat my own time and score.

I was playing the game on my own in less than an hour. This game is all about managing your dinosaurs, which can be very challenging once you get past the park building stage. The lack of variety in the structures and attractions was disappointing.

Review ID Number: 59
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Universal Interactive
Review Date: 2003-05-28
Reviewer: Nick Sardy
Rating: 7 out of 10
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