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  Jeff Duntemanns' Drve-By Wi-Fi
Word from the publisher:

Jeff Duntemanns' Drve-By Wi-Fi Guide
Wi-Fi: It's about connecting computers wirelessly, with microwaves. It's about sharing an Internet connection without knocking holes in the walls-while outwitting the "drive-by" hackers who also want to share your Internet connection. It's about building high-powered antennas out of spaghetti sauce cans and soup boxes. It's fun, it's cool, it's cheap-you can set it up for under $200. And now there's a major book on Wi-Fi by one of the best tech writers going, Jeff Duntemann, with a hands-on presentation to explain how Wi-Fi works and how you can do it yourself.

This book provides everything you need to know to design, build, protect, and extend a Wi-Fi wireless network! Wi-Fi connects computers, printers, video cameras and game consoles into a fast Ethernet network via microwaves. In this book, legendary tech teacher, wireless expert, and best-selling author Jeff Duntemann explains how to make Wi-Fi work for you. It's easy to design, build, test, and troubleshoot your network, and then implement simple security measures that will make the drive-by hackers give up and haunt someone else's network instead. You, too, can extend the range of your Wi-Fi network by a factor of 10 by using Jeff 's insider techniques and objects as simple as a spaghetti sauce can. With two cans, you can link networks blocks apart. (No string--or wires--required.) As Jeff would put it: "Ladies and gentlemen, network cables have left the building!"

The Review:

I am not only a magazine publisher and reviewer, I am also an Internet service provider for both dial-up and wireless. Now that you can appreciate my background, after reading this book, I found that I did not know as much as I thought I did. This book, in great detail, not only explain the whats and the hows of wireless communications but it provides insight as to the operations. The author goes into networking, security risks, antennas and much much more. This book would be or should be on every service providers shelf and of course be used as a dependable information source for anything to do with wireless networking.

Review ID Number: 595
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Paraglyph Press
Review Date: 2003-04-12
Reviewer: Nick Sardy
Rating: 10 out of 10
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