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  Using Adobe Photoshop 7
Photoshop 7 is the latest of the series from Adobe and as with any software the new additions are simply mind boggling. It is hard enough to remember all of the programs little intricacies on how to do the various tasks that Photoshop is renown for when the new version has a ton of new stuff you can use and learn.

This book from QUE certainly does Photoshop 7 a great boost for assistance in utilizing not only the regular features but all the new ones as well. Of course you have to get over the scary aspect that the book is over 2 inches thick and would take any sane person at least a week to read from cover to cover. Both the table of contents and the Index are well laid out making this book an excellent resource and even training tool on how to use Photoshop 7.

To be fair though, if you are using this book, you do need to know the terminology that is associated with the use of a photo editing program. It is not designed to help you learn about the terminology but rather the actual use of the tools and what they do.

I found that this copy of QUE's "Using Adobe Photoshop 7" is a superb addition to my reference library and recommend it to all who use Adobe Photoshop

Review ID Number: 598
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Review Date: 2002-10-25
Reviewer: Nick Sardy
Rating: 10 out of 10
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