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  Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon
Words from the company:
The murder of an underground hacker in Paris is just the beginning of this extraordinary adventure for George Stobbart and Nico Collard in the highly anticipated Broken Sword III. Powerful seismic events are shaking the world. An Ancient Conspiracy, the Secrets of the Templars, and a fiendish source of pure Evil are responsible…

From the jungles of the Congo to the deceptive calm of the English West Country and gothic castles – time is running out for the Earth and only George and Nico can save it.

The Review:
For an adventure game, this was really fun to play. You play as 2 different characters in 2 different places in the world and surprisingly are both trying to stop this madman from destroying the world. I really enjoyed this game because it isn’t like the other clicking adventure games, you have to use the keyboard to move your character around and interact with the world. Throughout the game you will find multiple items that can be examined or picked up and used and also people to talk to, and it is nice bacuse the game gives you little stars in each item or person if they can be interacted with. I really enjoyed the character interaction as many parts are quite funny. I also like how your characters will say a thought about the item or person, not like you get in movies but more like in a book how you get the characters thoughts. The graphics and cinematics were also very well done.

Some of the dialogue for this did start to kind of annoying because once you start getting a lot of items in an area, you must talk a lot to the local people about these items or the other people. Unfortunately I myself am not an avid player of adventures and do not like all the thinking, so these do become quite complicated for me, and I did have to use a walkthrough to get through some parts of this game. But if you are into these style games, I would highly recommend this one. I had no problems with the installation or any other part of this game.

Review ID Number: 6
  Product Details
The Adventure Company
Review Date: 2005-07-19
Reviewer: Alex Moulton
Rating: 8 out of 10
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