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  Hip Pocket Guide to HTML
HTML is Hyper Text Markup Language for the uninitiated and this is the computer language used on the Internet. There have been upgrades to the levels of HTML from basic all the way up to level 4 Tags. As a computer language grows with new commands, more info needs to be included in the language but at the same time, the browsers that show you the pages written with this language has to be brought up to date.

When the visual aspects of the Internet became popular, all we had was gray backgrounds and fairly plain text and so many browsers could show you the information presented. Today with some of the latest inclusions these browsers have to work harder and you need some of the latest ones to be able to show you what the coding is trying to say.

The Hip Pocket Guide to HTML 4 is a very good book for the people that are just starting out with the markup language however, it could use more examples of the coding in use. As I write code myself, I find it lacking in some of the finer details that the languages has in its capabilities.

The cost of the book is quite decent as it retails in the US for $14.99 and in Canada for $21.99. We have to pay more for it here cause we're special. The book is put together with cirlox binding and so it is easy to open flat and it does contain a sort of overview of all the Category Tags for quick reference.

The book also provides a reference to web addresses for more info for the HTML, although the site that tests your coding listed in the book did not exist when I went to check it out. Nevertheless, this book is a good one for beginners.

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IDG Books
Review Date: 2001-04-20
Reviewer: Nick Sardy
Rating: 7 out of 10
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