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  Creative HTML Design
"Creative HTML Design walks you through building a real working web site, specially created for the lesson plans in this book. In the process, you will learn all the phases of site design, from selecting an ISP and uploading files, to more advanced techniques, like adding animation and rollovers. Step-by-step tutorials for Photoshop 4.0® and Paint Shop Pro® teach how to design using 'safe' colors, make distinctive background tiles, align your graphics, use tables and frames, include JavaScript rollovers, use CSS, as well as numerous other design and HTML features. This book includes a complete HTML 4.0 reference with details on all current HTML elements.

This book is designed to work on a number of levels. It can be read in linear order, or it can be surfed, much the way you would gather information on the web. Everyone learns differently--some people learn from theoretical books, others from manuals, others from step-by-step exercises, and some from simply diving in head first and doing. We have tackled this book from all these angles. We wanted to do more than a how-to book, more than an exercise book, and more than a theory book. Our goal was not simply to present information, but to also explain why it was necessary, how you would do it, and where could you find resources related to it. " - quote from the website

My thoughts on this book

I really have to give this brother and sister team a lot of credit on this effort. Lynda is a graphic artist by trade and Bill is into computer programming, and together that makes for an excellent web authoring tutorial combination. There isn't a page in this 400 plus page text that has gone to waste. Every page contains very useful and easy to understand instruction, for both the new and experienced web designer. Everything is covered in this book, right from the initial planning of your website to getting it on to the Internet.

Each chapter concludes with hands-on projects that can be accessed from the accompanying CD. Each lesson is laid out step by step in a "walk through" style format. One of my favorite chapters was the Javascript chapter. Bill offers the owner of the book an excellent mouseover javascript, which is able to run three different mouseover effects from one script. The lesson on each not only explains how they work, but allows you to design your own effects, using the graphic techniques you have aquired in earlier chapters. I was so intrigued by the javascript chapter and the mouseover effects that I had to play with them and give it a go first hand. As someone with little javascript experience I found the book helped me set up my favorite effect in no time, while at the same time, explaining to me in simple yet detailed form how and why it does what it does.

I must admit though, that I had some trouble getting the scripts to work in Netscape 3.0. So, I thought, " I'll e-mail the author himself for the answer." Not really expecting to actually get a reply, I was amazed that I recieved a reply in less than 24 hours, and while he was on an airplane. Bill was able to personally help me correct the problem, now that is worth the price of the book itself.

I could ramble on about these scripts for pages, but there is so much more to this book. Lynda's instruction is excellent, using graphic programs such as Photoshop 4.0 and Paint Shop Pro.

As someone who has been doing web design for quite sometime now, I found that some of the instruction was quite basic (perfect for the beginners), while more experienced web designers could browse through the hundreds of sidebar hints and tips. Those hints and tips are great! I even made notes as I was reading them over. I havn't done that since my school days.

Cost Value: - $56.95 CDN : If you are a new web designer, this will be the best $56.95 you could possibly spend. A definate reference for all your web design questions. The personal response from the author that I was able to get so quickly, tells us of the professional manner and pride that was put into this book.

This book won't be out of reach at my workstation for a long time to come.

Overall Comments: - Two Words: "Buy It."

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Creative HTML Design
Review Date: 2001-04-19
Reviewer: Brad Lawryk
Rating: 10 out of 10
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