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  Flash Web Design
Flash is the perfect tool for creating immersive, interactive, and animated Web site design, and Flash Web Design teaches you to use it to its full potential. The book is broken into two sections: The Essentials and Case Studies. The Essentials section covers the basics of Flash production, illuminating how and why Flash works. The second section is a series of case studies and deconstructions based on projects and problems the author has faced with his clients. Each of these case studies begins by getting the reader to think about the processes and ideas behind specific designs.

While all of the chapters provide excellent coverage of Flash techniques and capabilities, it would serve the reader at a much higher level if it contained a CD with the examples and lessons on it with the book. Some of the early lessons in the book can be done right from the book as it relates to setting up a Flash movie and basic drawing and text procedures. Later chapters require you have some already made graphics, movies and animations handy of your own creation.

In my impression of the book, it is more valuable as a resource to find out how to do something than a step by step guide to using Flash. In this book, the examples are real websites which get deconstructed and shown to the reader on how they were made. Almost more seems to be more of an advertisment those sites involved than a tutorial.

Flash Web Design is geared toward professional Web designers and content creators who want to make their site stand out from the typical noise of the Web. This book assumes readers have some experience with Web design and animation, but it does not assume previous work with Flash.

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New Riders
Review Date: 2001-04-19
Reviewer: Brad Lawryk
Rating: 8 out of 10
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