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  Disney’s Cinderella: Magical Dreams

Words from the company:

Cinderella's dreams come true in Disney's Cinderella: Magical Dreams for the Game Boy® Advance . Players will relive highlights of the classic Cinderella story in this enchanting action-platform, side-scrolling game. Disney's Cinderella: Magical Dreams includes a variety of gameplay styles, so that the action can be adapted to the storyline. Throughout the game, players can help Cinderella get ready for the Royal Ball, watch as the mice go on a dangerous quest to find material to make Cinderella's dress, help the Fairy Godmother grant wishes, and ballroom dance the night away with Cinderella and the handsome Prince. When the clock strikes Midnight, Cinderella must flee the ball and the King's royal guards, as they chase her back to her chateau in an action-packed race against time.

·    Players have their choice to play as Cinderella, the mice (Gus and Jaq), or the Fairy Godmother - gameplay styles are different and unique to each character!

·    Help the mice, Gus and Jaq, on adventurous quests to find material to make Cinderella's ball gown

·    Help the Fairy Godmother transform items Cinderella needs to go to the Royal Ball in style

·    At the Royal Ball, play as Cinderella and dance with the Prince. You can twirl and spin, but don't get dizzy and bump into other dancers. Master fancy steps such as the lift, the dip, the spin, and the roll

·    Includes unlockable video clips

The Review:
When I first received the game, I was a little weary about reviewing this game thinking that the age category it was designed for would make me view it in a passing light. I was totally won over with the game. Although not too difficult to play, the game is quite challenging and very colorful to play. Viewing it as an adult, cutsy first came to mind but as I got into the game more challenges forced me to pay close attention and get through level by level. I have yet to finish the game,; that will take me a while yet, but I thought to write the rview while fresh in my mind to ensure that I get the point across that this actually is a very fun game and I would certainly recommend it to everyone regardless of age. Just because the subject is Cinderella does not mean that it is restricted to kids less than 10 years of age. It is great fun and certainly hours of entertainment.

Review ID Number: 607
  Product Details
Buena Vista Games
Review Date: 2005-10-01
Reviewer: Nick Sardy
Rating: 10 out of 10
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