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  The Suffering Ties That Bind

Words from the company:

The Suffering: Ties That Bind is a revolutionary action-horror game that emphasizes the disturbing terror of its predecessor, with new twisted creatures and a few familiar faces. Set in the unforgiving streets and prisons of Baltimore, the player once again controls Torque as he seeks revenge against the mysterious grand manipulator Blackmore, a man somehow tied to the death of Torque's family. Players will explore the tough inner-city, with poverty and urban injustices trapping people just as effectively as a physical prison. The unique morality system returns, as players delve into the perverse world of Torque's sanity to discover his past and struggle to control his future.

The review:

If you have a weak heart then don’t play this game. The game is action packed every minute that you play and yes there are gallons of blood spilled and squirting and spraying. You control the main character who slips in and out of a psychotic state seeing dreams slip into his reality or his reality into his dreams, it is hard to tell sometimes but it is definitely fun to play. Your character has access to guns and all types of weapons but my favorite was the lead pipe. He just loves to bash things in with the pipe and he is very good at it. As the game progresses your character can transform into a super mutant by the simple press of the letter “C” – ain’t that cool.

I started playing the game around 10 am and at 5 o’clock I had to stop because I really had other things to do but it was very hard to stop. The game just begs for more playing and in spite of the rough language and the blood, the game is loads of fun.

Review ID Number: 608
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Review Date: 2005-10-05
Reviewer: Nick Sardy
Rating: 10 out of 10
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