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  Eye Candy 5: Impact
Eye Candy® 5: Textures is a collection of ten seamless texture generators. The first of three upgrades to Eye Candy 4000, Textures produces a wide variety of texture effects, including snake and lizard skin, fur, brick, stone and wood. Graphic designers, Web developers and 3D artists can quickly create backgrounds, skins, seamless tiles and more.

Eye Candy 5 is compatible with many graphic software products including the industry standards from Adobe and Macromedia. If you use more than one graphic program you must install the Eye Candy package once for each application you wish to use it with.

The installation detects what compatible graphics applications are available and gives you the option to choose which application to install the software with.

The ten textures include over 200 of the most popular settings to get you started. Each of the settings and filters comes with a very intuitive User Interface including a live preview of the effect to make customizing and creating new looks a breeze.

I did find some filters easier to use than others while others had some surprise results. Some of the effects, while easy to use, take a lot of tweaking to get the effect that you are looking for in even the simplest graphic. Without the live effects viewer this would be very difficult and time consuming.

The manual could really be done a bit better with some direction on how and what to set for desired effects. The manual out of the box only gives you basic examples of what each filter does but not how to achieve them. If you have bought the software then its a good bet that you already know what kind of effects the filters can do so the manual since its inside the box could be put to better use giving directions rather than trying to sell effects you already purchased.

On the plus side every filter does come with a 'seamless tile' option to help create great backgrounds for your webpage or document. This feature does work well and easily but does anyone use tiled backgrounds anymore?

In my opinion this package is ideal for the intermediate graphic artist. Beginning artists would not likely be able to make full use of the program and experts would likely be able to do it all with out the plugins.

My one concern about this product is its place in the market. What they could have done to perhaps spruce it up a bit is use a bit of Eye Candy in the Interface itself which appears slightly outdated in visual appeal especially when installed with the latest trendy visual designs of Photoshop and Fireworks.

Bottom line is that the product does do what it claims to do and does do it well. So if this is the type of graphics you require then certainly Alien Skin has come to the rescue.

Review ID Number: 609
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Alien Skin Software
Review Date: 2005-10-24
Reviewer: Brad Lawryk
Rating: 7 out of 10
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