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  Razer Copperhead Gaming Mouse
The Razer Copperhead is the world's most advanced gaming mouse - developed for gamers, by gamers. It is your vicious kick-ass partner in crime and it sure doesn't play well with others."

Plug it in .... run the quick set up and reboot. Done. All there is left to do is to customize it for your games and adjust all of its many many sensitivity settings. You can have up to five different pre configured sensitivity settings stored. This isn't game settings - this is mouse sensitivity profiles. This comes in very handy for systems that may have more than one user with different preferences or a single user that uses the computer for various tasks such as gaming and graphic design.

My first impression is WOW!!! This thing is incredibly smooth and lightweight. This unit glides so smoothly that it darn near got away on me and I was ready to call the cat to catch this mouse! Seriously, I can't get over how smooth this thing is.

My first bit of advice to users of this mouse is to turn down the sensitivity. This thing flies. With five different sensitivity profiles that you can customize and save makes this mouse the ultimate for multi use users and not just gamers.

The high sensitivity provides lightning fast action for gaming and then you can slow the sensitivity down with a click of a button to a pre set configuration for precise pixel perfect input for detailed graphic work.

The extra buttons on either side of the mouse make it easily adaptable for left and right hand users. Button placement will vary in comfort depending on the user. For me personally I would have liked the thumb buttons a bit further to the front. I am sure others will think the positioning is perfect.

Another feature that I really like is that you can adjust your horizontal and vertical sensitivity separately! I played one of my favorite online games and found myself to be way over compensating in up and down movements with the mouse so I turned the sensitivity down for  that direction. This maintained my lightning fast side to side movement while giving me great control of the vertical movement.

Another great feature is the fact the laser never powers down like in other laser products. That split second it takes for your laser to activate on movement can mean the difference between life and death in your game.

The visual design of this mouse is stunning to say the least. Available in black with three choices of lighted features makes this a very attractable mouse. The glowing logo on the top of the mouse gives it a mysterious effect and provides you with an extra mental image that this thing is alive.

It won't be long now before my home gaming machine will be equipped with one of these units. Its simply awesome. Best mouse I have ever used not only for gaming but for detailed graphic work as well.

And since this mouse is now connected to MY computer, I am laying claim to it as MINE! So any of you other CC Magazine reviewers in this office reading this, don't get any fancy ideas! Touch my Razer mouse I'll break your fingers! May have to set some sort of 'mouse trap'? ;-)

I hope to get the new Mantis Gaming Mouse pad in soon so I can tell you all about that as well!!

Review ID Number: 610
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Razer USA
Review Date: 2005-10-24
Reviewer: Brad Lawryk
Rating: 10 out of 10
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