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  Mephisto Master Chess Computer & Mephisto Talking Chess Academy

Words from the company:

  • 64 Playing Levels: Normal, Tournament, Speed Chess, Fun, Infinite, Problem Solving, Training
  • Very strong program: ideal for advanced players.
  • Info mode: watch the computer as it thinks for extra insight!
  • Coach Mode: blunder and tactical alert warnings
  • 200-move Take Back: opportunity to experiment!
  • Set up positions and problems for further study
  • Hints given - ask the computer for a move suggestion!
  • All major openings and many famous grandmaster moves stored
  • Option to play against a friend – with the computer as referee!
  • Sensory Chess Board - simple error free move entry
  • LED Board Lights - clear move indicators
  • Pewter and Silver Effect Pieces - metallic look and feel
  • Piece storage compartment - for safe keeping
  • 4-Digit LCD Display
  • Built-in Chess Clock - sharpen your skills
  • Automatic Power Down feature and Power Management Intelligence - conserve battery life
  • Unfinished games held in memory
  • Batteries required (not included)
  • AC/DC Adapter included


The Review: Mephisto Master Chess Computer

I’ve had this unit for more than a month and I consider myself well versed with the tactical game of chess, but I have yet to win one. The best I managed was a draw. This alone tells me that this unit is an exceptional tool for learning. The equipment is very easy to use and of course, no cheating allowed. As a learning tool, if you are loosing, you can always change places and see how you can get yourself out of a dumb jam that you got yourself into.


The unit comes with a case for the computer but I would advise getting something a little more protective, as this unit is not the cheapest in the world. You do get what you pay for and as such this game is worth every cent that it is sold for. It would make a great Christmas present for that budding chess enthusiast.


The Review: Mephisto Talking Chess Academy

This unit was different from the one above in that the moves were announced in a computer voice and I had the opportunity to get closer in winning (not actually winning) than the Master one. It retails for a bit less and would definitely also make a great Christmas present for any chess player who could use a partner with no one else around. For both units, I did not want to get into the actual playing as I feel that if you play chess you would be interested in these units and if you are not well you are probably not even reading this review so there you have it!

Another two great products from Saitec

Review ID Number: 611
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Review Date: 2005-10-25
Reviewer: Nick Sardy
Rating: 8 out of 10
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