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  Paint Shop Pro X

Words from the company:

I. It's the #1 thing you asked for in a new version -- make it easier and faster to get professional-looking results

II. Paint Shop Pro analyzes your photo and lets you adjust the corrections to suit your tastes

III. Paint Shop Pro X will make you and your subjects look better then ever

IV. Paint Shop Pro X is up to 50% faster than previous versions

V. Paint Shop Pro X is filled with even more Advanced Photo Tools

VI. One-click Red-eye removal for the 95% of you who need it

VII. Includes NEW Photo Album 6 - Standard Edition FREE

VIII. Two hours of video tutorials included FREE

IX. Includes a complete Raw workflow package FREE

X. Over 500 different Special Effects & NEW Picture Tubes™


The Review:

Corel has made purchasing mistakes in the past but not with this product. Paint shop has been a great up and coming graphics program and when it started to rival Corel draw and even Photoshop, Corel decided to purchase the program and finally a good decision. This program now definitely rivals the best of them at a considerably reduced cost.


All the tools that I have been familiar with in the other major graphics programs are in this version of paint shop and I am impressed at the ease of use and quality of layout. There are definitely more tools at your fingertips that most will ever use. It is comforting to know that if you do want to do extra stuff or be creative with pictures, you can actually accomplish whatever you wish to do.


I am not going into too many details of what tools there are or how to use them because there are just too many to talk about. The screen shots will give you some idea but there is so much more. Even in the “save”, the selections of the formats are longer than in any other Programs I use so this Paint Shop Pro X is the Cats Meow!

Review ID Number: 615
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Review Date: 2005-11-03
Reviewer: Nick Sardy
Rating: 10 out of 10
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