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  Windows to Linux Migration Toolkit
Full Description:
This book will provide the system administrator all the information, tools, and guidance, including valuable fully functioning scripts to migrate from Windows NT/2000 to any Linux variant.

It allows a company to fully migrate away from Microsoft Active Directory and Exchange Server, and add anti-virus/anti-spam features for free and provides migration process planning, automated migration scripts, anti-virus/anti-spam solutions, and specific migration and deployment details for all relevant technologies.

The book helps readers fine-tune their migration services to make them more efficient, thorough, feature-enhanced, and cost-effective by utilizing migration scripts and best practices gleaned from the author's many years of real-world migrations in large and small companies. The CD includes valuable automated scripts for migrating any flavor of Windows to Linux.

Contents Overview:
Chapter 1  Network Services Migration Roadmap
Chapter 2 Core TCP/IP Networking Services
Chapter 3 Directory Services
Chapter 4 Authentication Services
Chapter 5 File Services
Chapter 6 Print Services
Chapter 7 Messaging Services
Chapter 8 Groupware and Calendaring Services
Chapter 9 Web Services: IIS vs Apache
Chapter 10 Desktop Migration Roadmap
Chapter 11 Inside the Typical Linux Desktop
Appendix A Introducing Network Analysis and Ethereal
Appendix B Introducing Intrusion Detection Systems and Snort
Appendix C Introducing Vulnerability Assessments and Nessus

The Review:
With so many security issues, stability issues and licensing costs within the Windows world, there are so many people that would rather forget about Windows and move on to open source solutions like Linux for the desktop and server system. Many people ask how do we migrate from Windows to Linux? Well the answers to this and many more questions are in the new book Windows to Linux Migration Toolkit from Syngress.

Windows to Linux Migration Toolkit is a well laid out and an easy to read book with lots of checklists and diagrams to help a Windows administrator with little or no knowledge of Linux to create a migration plan from Windows to Linux. The book also comes with a bunch of automated Linux migration scripts on a CD to help with the migration tasks.

Windows to Linux Migration Toolkit should be a definite addition to any administrators IT book collection.

Review ID Number: 616
  Product Details
Review Date: 2005-11-03
Reviewer: Chad Laity
Rating: 10 out of 10
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