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Purge is a first-person online shooter game. You can play as members of The Order, technically advanced faction with guns, laser, rockets and the like or The Chosen, using ancient magical arts (magic spells, swords, bow and arrow, etc.). Players find themselves in a world that blends science fictions and fantasy in a war of ideologies.

The game play is what you expect from an average shooter. If it moves (and it’s not on your side) kill it. There is the usual variety of weapons and each side seems to be evenly balanced. The graphics are done using Lithtech technology and are average for this type of game. If they were any more intense it would slow down play (bad for online play).

There is an attempt here to add some role-playing features. You gain experience points, which lead to more/improved skills. The problem with the idea is you can’t carry the improvements from game to game. This is an inherent problem with online games. In a single player game you need to build up a character as you move forward because the enemies and challenges become harder as the game advances. In online play, new players are showing up all the time and if you’re too powerful it’s too easy for you and too hard for them (i.e. No Fun).

If you are new to online games you may not want to start with Purge, find out what your local friends are playing and try that first (so you can get some help if needed). This will allow you to get a feel for your Internet connection and computer capabilities. If they aren’t up to par, you will not have fun playing on-line, and as Purge is an online only game. If you are a seasoned online player check with the Admins on the servers you are playing on and see if they are interested in running Purge. While trying out this game I was only able to see about 10 server with most having zero players, not too fun.

Is Purge a good game? I think so, but only if you can find others to play against and server admins willing to set up servers for you and your friends to play on. Being an online only game, Purge needs to find a following of players and admins before it can become a widely played online game.

System Requirements (Minimum)
Windows 98 or better
500MHz CPU
3D 32MB Video Card
600MB Disk Space
56K Modem or Broadband Internet Access

Review ID Number: 62
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Tri Synergy
Review Date: 2003-05-06
Reviewer: Wayne Gulliford
Rating: 7 out of 10
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