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  World Tour Soccer

Go mobile with the world’s global game in World Tour Soccer. Take your favorite team from more than 245 international, club or classic teams from the past and compete for the world championship of soccer while playing in multiple modes of play including exhibition, competition, challenge and tournament.

Settle the score on your own or connect via WI-FI with other PSP™ users to determine soccer supremacy across the globe!

It’s Your Club. It’s Your Country. It’s Your Passion. World Tour Soccer.


Soccer has become one of the most popular sports in the World in the last decade or so. As a result there have been many attempts at creating soccer video games. With the size of the field its very difficult to get a good game play on such a small screen. This game is no different. While the game play is great, the screen is just too small for a soccer game. This makes control of your players tricky as for most of the time you find the player you are controlling is not on the screen at all.

I did like the different play modes and can see if soccer is your thing that going for the World Championship will provide you with months of soccer action. The number of teams you can choose from seem to be endless. Of course its not endless, but there is so many of them that chances are your favorite soccer team is likely available.

I was only able to find an on line player once while testing so I did play for a bit against a live opponent. Again the biggest problem is the fact that the player you are controlling spends more time off the screen than on  it. For me this was the single most irritating aspect of the game.

Having said that the game is remarkably well done and the AI when playing against the computer is very realistic and this does succeed in keeping the score realistic.


Soccer fanatics will love this one - casual soccer players will need some patience to get into it. Over all probably one of the best soccer attempts for any gaming platform if you can get used to the controls quickly.

Review ID Number: 625
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Review Date: 2005-11-14
Reviewer: Brad Lawryk
Rating: 7 out of 10
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