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It's time to hit the hardwood and when you do, don't just raise the roof; rip that thing right off with the only NBA sim on the PSP™ this season. Take to the floor, try and dominate in any of 6 different game modes including Playoffs, Exhibition and Practice. And when you think you're ready for a serious commitment, Season Mode has you hitting the hardwood for 82 games with management, simulation and more. Hit the road with three challenging mini games including the official PlayStation Skills Challenge and keep the compeition fresh with unbelievable Wi-Fi Connectivity that lets you compete with your buddies head-to-head no matter where you go. NBA: It's Showtime!


I had a blast with this one! Although I am a huge sports fan, basketball is not that big up here in Canada and I still found this game able to keep me playing for hours in a single sitting.

You have all your favorite teams to play with and against and if you actually know your players you can be quite successful in this game and your quest for the championship.

Graphics are simply supurb in this game and is likely among the best sports graphics I have seen yet and very much rivals its bigger machine relatives.

Gameplay is very simply and amazingly enough its quite simple to keep your player on the viewing screen area for probably 95% of the time without having to master any button combos.

The artificial intellegence when playing against the computer is quite realistic and does seem to adjust to your game. For example I was playing one game and seemed to find myself a successful play that I could do over and over and after a short bit the opposing team did seem to catch on to this and alter its play accordingly forcing me to adjust my game.


I see that NBA '06 is now available as well. I was very much impressed with this version and I look forward to the opportunity to see what they could have improved on in NBA '06!

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Review Date: 2005-11-14
Reviewer: Brad Lawryk
Rating: 10 out of 10
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