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  America's Army: Special Forces (v. 2.5)

America's Army is one of the five most popular PC action games played on line. It provides players with the most authentic military experience available, from exploring the development of Soldiers in individual and collective training to their deployment in simulated missions in the War on Terror.

America"s Army: Special Forces is the follow-up to America’s Army: Operations, which was released on July 4, 2002.


Authentic U.S. Army experience — Realistic depiction of the values, units, equipment and career opportunities that make the Army the world’s premier land force—continually updated to incorporate new occupations, units, technologies and adventures.
Realistic roles — Including Weapons Specialist (18B), Intelligence (18F), Engineer (18C), Communications (18E) and Combat Medic (18D).
Challenging Green Beret training — Complete training missions drawn from the SFAS process at Fort Bragg. Successfully complete SFAS and advance to Special Forces Qualification Course (Q-Course) missions to explore new Special Forces roles.
Intense Special Forces action — Intense Special Forces action — Experience multiplayer missions in simulated combat environments. Take part in missions that span the capabilities of a Special Forces detachment, including unconventional warfare, direct action, surveillance and reconnaissance and Combat Search and Rescue.
Detailed Special Forces equipment and military hardware — Building on the equipment available in America’s Army: Operations, America’s Army: Special Forces adds the M4 Carbine featuring the Picatinny rail mod system for attaching laser-aiming devices and sighting systems; the MP5SD6 Remington 870 shotgun for forced entry; the AT4, a shoulder-fired anti-tank rocket and the BDM, a shoulder-fired bunker demolition munition.
Accurate Soldier behavior — Players are bound by the laws of land warfare, Army values (honor, duty and integrity) and realistic rules of engagement as they navigate challenges in teamwork-based multiplayer force vs. force operations. Mission accomplishment standings are evaluated based on team effort and adherence to a set of values and norms of conduct.


I have been playing AA:O for over two years now and this is the game that really got things started for me as far as first person shooters and on line gaming. I have seen this game evolve over the last two years plus into something that is a must for all on line game players that enjoy this type of game.

AAO is a team based game so it does require good communication with your team and once you die in the round you must wait for the round to end before you can rejoin.

With almost 30 different maps to play there is a map for every style of play you can imagine. Some even have a great mixture of styles within the same map.

My favorite maps are the Special Forces Maps that require you to do a bit of extra 'training' to have access to, but the extra hassle is well worth the effort. All new maps in the last three or four versions have been Special Forces Maps.

The game is only available to play on line and there is never a shortage of game servers to join regardless of which map you choose. Most servers do require PunkBuster, a bit of software running that prevents you from running any game cheats while in on line games. Some cheats do get by, but I find that its very far and few between if you stick to official game servers.

The ragdoll graphics are a real treat and can sometimes lead to some interesting and humorous death positions. Graphically, the game gets better and better every version and does not require super high end computers to play. Keeping this in mind the game is developed more with realistic gameplay involved rather than graphic eye candy.


The best part of the game is the price ... its FREE!!! You can download the game from many different game sites or from the official America's Army website.

So what are you waiting for soldier!? Go to and get in the game!!! You can find me on my two favorite maps almost every evening which are SF Extraction and Pipeline SF. So hopefully I'll see you there ... if you dare. Beware of 'TheTimberWolf'!


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U.S. Army
Review Date: 2005-11-14
Reviewer: Brad Lawryk
Rating: 10 out of 10
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