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  Sniper Elite

Words from the company:
Spring 1945. The ravages of World War II are drawing to a close and the Russians and Germans are locked in furious conflict for war-torn Berlin. Reports abound that the Russian secret service (NKVD) are in Berlin to steal atomic bomb technology from the German Army. You control the fate of an American soldier, trained as a sniper by the OSS.

 Now as a key member of an invisible, yet elite group, you are assigned to the most sensitive of missions. Disguised as a German and working alone, you must infiltrate hostile enemy environments using your stealth and sniping skills, and stop Stalin's forces from controlling the world's nuclear technology. The future of the world's geopolitical fabric is riding on you.

The review:
I have been patiently awaiting this game since I saw the video trailer demo a while back. What caught my attention was the fact that when the main character, the one you control, make a kill with one shot, the game instinctively places a video camera behind the bullet that you just shot and cinematically shows you the trajectory and the hit. This has not been done before in a computer game as far as I know and it seems to give an extra thrill of the kill. Of course this is what a sharp shooter would fell if it was real life I imagine and the adrenalin must be right up there.

Please understand that I do not condone shooting people and as you read this review, I do not want to get across that I am a sadistic killer. As a game, however, this one is superb. You must use caution and stealth and not just rush forward from task to task because the quick reaction is simply not there as in a first person shooter game. After all, you are carrying a long distance sniper riffle which does not work well in close combat as I learned from being killed numerous times until I understood that you need to get your enemies from a distance if you wish to stay alive.

The only remorse I have with this game is that although the graphics are great, when you get near walls or obstacles, there are numerous times when your character disappears from screen. That part of the game could use a bit of tweaking. During some of the missions, the rain ads considerable realism, although there is no splashing as you crawl through areas that are wet.

I have not seen how this game plays on the Xbox but on the PC, it is worth the cost of the game for its thrills and chills it provides. Thumbs up Namco.

Review ID Number: 629
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Review Date: 2005-11-18
Reviewer: Nick Sardy
Rating: 9 out of 10
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