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  Micro Commandos
Micro Commandos is a real-time strategy (RTS) game. As alien invaders you must procedure though various missions in varied locations, collecting power, food and construction materials, looking for the ultimate weapon to take over the earth with. There’s a catch though. When your only about 15 centimeters tall (6 inches) things can get a little complicated.

You start out in a secure location in the basement of some human’s house and must gather resources and explore the world, look for that ultimate weapon. As with most RTS games you must gather resources to expand your capabilities. The collectors do just that. Gather power (from things like wall sockets), food (from places like the dog’s food dish) and building materials from various objects around the house. There are engineers to construct and repair buildings as well as drive and repair vehicles. And last there are soldiers, the weapon wielding units that are needed to defend you village from the varied earth creatures (various bugs and rodents as well as the family cat) and other enemy commandos.

One twist on the RTS style is the fact that you commandos get tired and hungry. You must make sure that there is a place to sleep and eat or the commands will grow tried and hungry, loss life points and eventually faint. There are kitchens, for curing hunger, and dormitories, for sleeping. Mobil kitchens and dormitories can be constructed, driven by engineers, and deployed where you commandos are working. These have the same function as their village counterparts. Fainted units can be revived if you can get a collector over to the unit, pick him up and carry him to the infirmary (assuming you have one built in your village). This micro-management of the units can be a little tedious to the seasoned RTS player but it adds an interesting element to the game.

You can also create tools for you commandos to use. One of the more interesting items is the grapple. This will allow units to climb up on tables and gather resources found on them.

There are varied locations that will be explored, not only a house but also places like a pizzeria, the subway and a school. Each with its own kind of resource items (i.e. gather food resources form the pizza’s waiting to be delivered).

The graphics are very cartoon like. Some like this, some don’t, but I think it goes well with the type of game this tries to be. This game seems to be directed at the younger player or very casual RTS player. More experienced RTS gamers will find this a fun diversion from the more intense RTS game offerings out there. Micro Commandos is a good, simple game that everyone can have fun with.

System Requirements (Minimum)
Windows 98 or better
300MHz CPU
3D 16MB Video Card
700MB Disk Space

Review ID Number: 63
  Product Details
Strategy First
Review Date: 2003-05-06
Reviewer: Wayne Gulliford
Rating: 8 out of 10
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