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  Norton Antivirus 2006

Words from the company:
Stay protected with the world's most trusted antivirus software. Whether it's while you are surfing or chatting, emailing or file swapping, Norton AntiVirus™ 2006 wards off a host of Internet threats. It automatically detects and removes viruses, rids your computer of unwanted spyware, and scans email and IM attachments for threats.

Key Features
- Automatically removes viruses, Trojan horses, and worms.
- Checks incoming and outgoing email attachments for viruses.
- Automatically scans incoming instant message attachments for threats.
- Checks compressed file archives for viruses.
- Keeps dangerous Internet worms out, blocking them before they infect your system.
- Automatically downloads updates to protect against new threats.
- Automatically scans for viruses upon downloading updates.
- Uses smart technology to detect emergent worms and other new threats without waiting for updates.
- Disinfects your system prior to installation, starting you off with a clean, virus-free computer.

 The Review:
I have been using Norton Antivirus since the dawn of time and have always found it to be a very good antivirus program. The protection it provides is more than adequate for keeping your system clean of virus infections. In the past few years however, the attacks have been more in the way of Trojans and worms and only recently has Norton antivirus come up to task. The company has finally caught up with the requirements of the day.

This new 2006 version gives the ability to install on not one but onto three computers from one package. This of course is because most families have more than one computer in the house and so this is Symantec's way of making sure that they keep all their clients happy and problem free. With new antispyware technology built into the software and the ability to protect your home page from being hijacked, the 2006 version has finally come up to task for today"s marketplace. The software of course has a higher system requirement but that is to be expected with more tasks being looked after in the program. As with previous version, you do get not only protection updates, but also program change update depending on what changes are made to the system the computer is running.

Over all this new Norton Antivirus 2006 is definitely a must for today’s computer systems and their protection needs.

Review ID Number: 632
  Product Details
Review Date: 2005-11-21
Reviewer: Nick Sardy
Rating: 10 out of 10
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