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  Pet Soccer
What a shot! Pet Soccer is pure sport and your favorite pets are taking over the field. Play on one of twelve crazy and amusing animal teams on over 15 fifteen fields from every corner of the world. Of course, no sport comes without penalty and you need to work extra hard to prove you can score some major points.

There isn't much of a strategy involved in playing this game, but don't let the colorful and cartoonlike characters take away from the fact that this game is pure sport! Winning is all that matters in the wonderful game. And sometimes the ahletes in this game will do what ever it takes to win! There are 12 very colorful and unique teams, each with their own distinct characteristics, cheats (Power Shots) and play styles. Not all teams are accessible right from the start ... you have to win them first by using the initial selection of teams and winning some tournaments and games.

Each team does have its own home field ranging from sunny beaches (Home of the Shalke Sharks) to the confines of the farm (Home of the Deportivo La Chickena). It doesn't stop there though as each also comes with random and varying weather conditions that really do effect your teams play.

Teams included are the Ajax Panterdam, AS Robots, Bearchester United, Wisla Gorilakov, Bullrussia Dortmund, Turtelona, Dynamo Tiranosaurus, Shalke Sharks, Froggen Leverkusen, Deprtivo La Chicken, Giraffinaikos, Lyon Lions.

One of the game hilites is the ever yacking parrot commentator, John McParrot, who will keep not only the persons playing the game but anyone else in the room in stitches. The word on McParrot is that he is a famous sport commentator of immense output and great experience. He proved his talent in the early nestling age,commenting his Mum making dinner and later, mocking Snail Triple Jump and Blindworm Wrestling Competition.

Adjustable camera angles provide confortable and realistic views of the game as well. The game can be controled by Keyboard, gamepad or joystick. I played using the keyboard and once I got used to the control (Down by four goals to the Sharks by then) I was able to easily control my players and managed to come back and score a few goals of my own.

Pet Soccer is a cool soccer game for young children. However, as there is a child inside each of us everyone will surely enjoy this little bit of sport. It is a beautifully colored 3D game, which will draws everyone's attention to it.

And yes, I was caught here in the office actually laughing out loud on more than a few occasions while playing this great game. We have all see Mascot Soccer at various sporting events. Pet Soccer takes that a step further and provides 12 teams of twisted pets and will provide your kids with hours of laughter, fun and challenging compitition.

And for you adult soccer fans ..... don't think you and your buddies won't be sitting around playing Pet Soccer late into the night after the kids go to bed. You are going to love Pet Soccer!

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Big City Games
Review Date: 2003-05-05
Reviewer: Brad Lawryk
Rating: 8 out of 10
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