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  Legion Arena

Words from the company:

“Legion Arena” is a role playing strategy game created on a massive scale, providing gamers with more than just the pure taste of battle. Set during the period of the Roman Republic, players take command of a band of simple peasant warriors and train them into a formidable fighting force. With each victorious battle, gamers can reap the rewards of fame, money and experience along with the opportunity to ‘level up’ their units. Troops will learn hundreds of new talents through their field experience, and will progressively upgrade their skills with each new combat they face. Gamers can play as the Roman Empire and Celtic Clans through over a hundred scenarios and must use calculated strategies in an attempt to crush their Roman enemies on the front line -- Fighting for the pride and glory of the battlefield!


The Review:

I had a lot of fun with this game. It is much along the lines of Rome: Total War, but without all the politics and campaigning. It is strictly the warfare, covering many major battles from the Roman and Celtic timeline. Only you create the fate and size of the battle. You must build your army up by recruiting new squads and upgrading the ones you have. Upgrading is very simple; all you have to do is pick them from a list for each squad. Doing battle is very simple as well, yet so much fun. Before the battle begins you are given a camera flyby of the enemies’ army and then a strategic map is placed in front of you showing you a bird’s eye view of the battlefield. You can create your own formations as well as tell your men to flank, charge, hold for a period of time and much more. The battle is a lot of fun to watch if you are not needed to make decisions, you can zoom right in close on a certain fight or zoom all the way out to see the entire field. While in battle there are times you must make choices on which squads to throw at the enemies, and you your general only has so much influence at a time for the choices. There is a meter that regenerates over time, but gets used up for each command you give.


I would recommend this game to anyone interested in Roman and Celtic History, as the game progresses on a timeline of the each nations rise to power, and every now and then gives a little informational video showing the spread of the kingdoms. I had no problems with the installation, but found a few of the battles a little outnumbered and not in my favor, but the need for strategizing made it more enjoyable to play. Over all this game was amazing.

Review ID Number: 646
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Strategy First
Review Date: 2005-12-10
Reviewer: Alex Moulton
Rating: 10 out of 10
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