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  LaCie Carte Orange (8 GiG) USB key

Words from the company:
As small as a credit card and easy-to-use, the new LaCie Carte Orange USB key is our smallest storage device ever with up to 8GB capacity (at a better price per GB than flash keys). With a plug & play Hi-Speed USB 2.0 connection, it can be used anywhere without the need for a cable, power-supply or drivers*. The optional extension cable is a convenient way to access computers that require a longer cable. Its compact, durable metal design stylishly supports its ultra-thin 6mm (.23') width. Store thousands of office files, photos, or songs - and even hours of video - or transfer them from computer to computer thanks to the newfound freedom and ultra-mobility that only the Carte allows.

Capacity :
  8 GB
Interface :  Hi-Speed USB 2.0 (compatible with USB 1.1)
Interface Transfer Rate :  up to 480Mbits/s
Max Sustained Transfer Rate :  up to 9MB/s
Size :  2.16 x 3.34 x .23 in / 55 x 85 x 6 mm 
Weight :  .12 lbs / 56g
System Requirements :  Windows 98SE/ME/XP/2000 or Mac OS 9.x/10.x/X; USB port equipped computer (with standard USB powered port); Minimum G3 processor or Intel Pentium II 350MHz-compatible processor; minimum 32MB RAM 

The review:
The first thing you notice about this mini hard drive is its color; unforgettable orange. This is not a memory stick but an actual hard drive that fits in the palm of your hand. When transferring files you can feel the slight vibration of the unit if you held it. The USB connector is a very short one so that when not in use, it folds right into the unit so then it is the size of a large business card.

Now because it is a hard drive, there are two things that worry me about the unit. One is the fact that if you dropped it, how sturdy is the unit and I did not dare to test it out so I will never know the answer to that one. The second thing that worried me was the fact that the connecting cord between the unit and the USB head is a fairly thin one and with the folding of this wire back and forth, how long with this wire last before it breaks. I would have used a rigid connection myself with a pivoting arm to prevent the breakage of the wire. Only time will tell.

Transferring files back and forth to and from the unit is as fast as with other USB hard drives so I did not notice any special extra speed but then I did not expect to. The unit works very well as it is supposed to and the fact that it can hold close to 8 Gig of files is amazing to say the least. I have been testing this Carte Orange with a Windows XP system and when I plugged the unit in, in seconds my system recognized it, installed the driver and was ready to use; true plug and play. I think that LaCie has another great product to add to their list.

Review ID Number: 648
  Product Details
Review Date: 2005-12-23
Reviewer: Nick Sardy
Rating: 9 out of 10
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