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  The Debian System - Concepts and Techniques
Words from the back cover:
Despite its reputation as an operating system exclusively for professionals and hardcore computer hobbyists, Debian's open development cycle and strict quality control have helped it to gain popularity. With an installed base that's growing annually by an estimated 25 percent, Debian clearly has its fair share of fans (not to mention the newsmaking Debian-based Linux distributions such as Knoppix, Ubuntu, and Xandros).

Unlike other popular Linux distributions, the Debian GNU/Linux operating system favors text-based configuration over graphical user interfaces (GUIs). In The Debian System, author Martin Krafft, an experienced Debian developer, introduces the concept of the Debian operating system, and explains how to use its various tools and techniques as well as the pitfalls and the thinking behind each. Debian may appear simplistic, but it is actually quite robust, scalable, and secure. After reading The Debian System, you'll see that strict adherence to standards, highly experienced developers, a clear vision and goals, and a certain degree of academic perfection make Debian the exceptional system that it is today.

This is a fascinating, must-have volume that UNIX and Linux administrators will find complements the standard Linux references and will quickly orient you to Debian's unique philosophy and structure. Co-published with Open Source Press, an independent publisher based in Munich that specializes in the field of free and open source software.

Contents Overview:
1 Introduction
2 The Debian project in a nutshell
3 Installing Debian the right way
4 Debian releases and archives
5 The Debian package management system
6 Debian system administration
7 Security of the Debian system
8 Advanced concepts
9 Creating Debian packages
10 Documentation and resources
Appendix A Debian flavours and other DebianĀ­based operating systems
Appendix B When is Debian the right choice?
Appendix C Miscellaneous
Appendix D The Debian Linux Manifesto
Appendix E Debian Social Contract
Appendix F The Debian Free Software Guidelines

The Review:
Kudos to Martin F. Krafft for putting together one excellent book about the concepts and techniques for the Debian Linux distribution. The book starts off with an intro to the target audience and how to use the book along with a complete chapter about the Debian project, the philosophy and the community. The rest of the book explains everything from installing, to the package management system, security and creating your own packages.

This is one of those books that goes into complete detail about every aspect of the Debian project. A very well written book with examples and lots of information for any user that wants to learn more about the Debian project or use it as a resource alongside a standard Linux reference book to bootstrap your Linux experience with Debian.

I give The Debian System - Concepts and Techniques a big two thumbs up and two toes up!!

Review ID Number: 649
  Product Details
No Starch Press
Review Date: 2005-12-28
Reviewer: Chad Laity
Rating: 10 out of 10
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