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Wireless Internet Radio and Media Player SonoWave.

Features Audio Sources 6 – Internet Radio, MP3, CD, Terrestrial Radio, Auxiliary Input, text to speech for caller display and email.

Portable Yes, two part system. The Internet Radio is completely portable receiving all data and audio over a wireless link from the transmitter part connected to the PC USB port.

LCD Display 20 character 5 x 7 dot matrix display with icons, EL blue backlight.

Power Source 8 x C size 1.5 volt alkaline battery or AC mains – 220 - 240 volt Europe, 110 volt US Operation Time Approx 30 hours continuous play at mid volume on one set of alkaline batteries Amplifier Output Power (RMS) 2 x 2.2 watts Total Power 4.4 watts Music Power 2 x 4.4 watts PMPO 65 watts Internet Radio Radio presets 6 with station name display Terrestrial Tuner Digital Tuner bands FM Stereo Tuner presets 6 for each band Antenna FM/MW FM internal whip, MW ferrite rod Frequency Display yes, 4 digit Loudspeaker No. of way speaker system 1 – way full range driver Impedance 2 x 8 ohm Rated Power (RMS) 2 x 6 watts Size 67 mm x 106 mm, Elliptical Magnetic Shielding yes Connections Stereo headphone yes Auxiliary Input yes, 2 x phono socket Auxiliary Output yes, 2 x phono socket USB connection yes, transmitter connects to PC USB port with 1.5 metre cable Wireless Link Stereo Audio Channel Europe 863 MHz 10 mW erp, USA 925 MHz 10 mW erp, user selectable band switching to avoid interference Data Channel Europe + USA, 433 MHz , bi-directional, user selectable band switching to avoid interference Dimensions Radio Remote Module Front to Back 155mm (6.1") Side to Side 283mm (11.1") Height 150mm (5.9") USB Base Module Front to Back 120mm (4.7") Side to Side 135mm (5.3") Height 41mm (1.6") Specifications USB BOX transmitter: It is plugged into one of the PC's USB ports. The USB Unit provides Audio Stream and Data radio connection between the Remote Device and the SonoWave.DMP Universal Tuner.

The USB Unit has no controls on it but just two LEDs telling users if the USB Unit is powered and if there is radio connection between the USB Unit and a Remote Device Audio Sources: Internet and terrestrial radio stations, Audio CD's and MP3 and Auxiliary Input


Internet Radio / FM / MP3 Mode with 6 Station pre-sets

CD Playing with connecting Auxiliary Allowing Playback of CD In PC's CD Drive

Digital Stereo AM/FM Radio Tuner bands

FM Auto Tune Scan with Stereo Indication

Alarm On / Off Switch with Indicator

Data Channel - Europe + USA

Portable Two-Part System w/a Range up to 100m from USB Port


Radio 283 x 155 x 150 mm

USB Box Transmitter 135 x 120 x 41 mm

Operation Time Approx 30 hours continuous play at mid volume on one set of alkaline batteries Expected maximum distance between the transmitter and the receiver is 300ft Contents SonoWave- DMP with Universal Tuner

Wireless Base - USB Cable - Drivers - Power cable


The Review:

Internet radio stations have blossomed over the years and so far, you could only listen to them on your computer. If you have a large house, it just isn’t practical to carry your computer from one room to the next to continue listening to that station from France or Los Angeles. Here comes a product to the rescue. Merconnet’s wireless SONOWAVE Player. This unit first installs a driver for the usb connection to your computer. You then need to plug the wireless broadcasting unit into your computer and you are almost ready to go. It goes without saying that you need a broadband connection for this so don’t even try it on dial up.


Now that everything is all connected and you run the program that allow you to control the unit that you can carry from room to room with the boom box and listen to internet radio. If there is no electrical outlet, you are able to use batteries, however it does require 8 “c” cells and that could end up costing you a bit after a while.


The boom box can of course also play all your mp3’s in your computer as well as cd’s that you might have. All these options are closeable from the boom box with the exception of having to change a cd once in a while that might be playing in your computer. Your computer needs to be on for your box to work of course as the USB broadcast unit works out of your computers USB port.


All in all this is a great toy to add to your entertainment collection.

Review ID Number: 653
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Review Date: 2006-01-19
Reviewer: Nick Sardy
Rating: 8 out of 10
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