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  Tak 3: The Great Juju Challenge

 "On your mark. Get set. Juju!! Once each generation, the world's mightiest heroes, fiercest warriors, and most powerful athletes gather together to compete in The Great Juju Challenge. Welcome contestants to The Great Juju Challenge! Every 60 years, competitors from faraway lands gather to participate in a tournament to gain the favor of the Moon Juju goddess. So what does it take to impress a goddess? Magnificent feats of daring, strength, and skill, of course. But, more importantly, it takes teamwork. The unlikely team of Tak and Lok has been chosen to represent the Pupanunu tribe as they square off against mighty warriors from all over the world. With Tak's brains, Lok's brawn, and a host of new Juju abilities, does this dynamic duo have what it takes to win the protection of the goddess and become the pride of the Pupanunu people? Let the games begin!" – THQ

 Juju Challenge is a delightful Playstation 2 release from THQ Games definitely delivers the great challenge that it's title suggests. The Pupanunu village provides the appropriate backdrop for the wacky tale of Tak and Lok. You'll find that there tends to be quite a few intermissions in this kooky adventure, but the story offers many amusing conversations and quirky quips to stay your attention in between play. Tak and Lok are an unlikely duo, although they compliment each other's personalities and you'll find throughout the game that what ability one may lack, the other will make up for.

 The adventure begins with Tak and Lok searching desperately for the feather of a Pheonix, which they need to acquire in order to enter the Juju Challenge. The brilliantly colorful jungle forest provides you the first of many environments on your journey. This is one of those games where you're forced to complete a tutorial session in order to advance to the actual Juju Challenge. Don't cringe just yet. Although typically annoyed by training portions of games, I found that this particular venture into tutorial land was not an overall unpleasant one. THQ managed to incorporate entertaining commentary from the characters during the training and ultimately made this portion of play a handy tidbit of practice before the big Juju plunge without a single eye roll from yours truly.

 As far as controls go, there isn't really too much to report on. You'll find, I'm sure, that the moves are easy to master after a short while of game play. Although at times the graphics were a bit slow while the characters played catch-up with one another, overall the character movement was spectacular. And, even though this can be a two-player game, I found it to be just as engaging in single player mode.

 There are a few things to keep in mind during your Juju journey. It is a competition, so speed is a factor. As a bit of background on the daring duo of this caper, both Tak and Lok have strengths and weakness. For example, while Tak is the 'chosen one' and his magical abilities are stronger than Lok's, he does have trouble when it comes to brute strength and climbing. Lok, on the other hand, is slightly less burdened of brain and a little more blessed by brawn. He can climb walls, scale cliffs and give his buddy Tak a lift when needed. Oh, and he also dons a lobster suit with a certain flare…just don't get him into the water. He claims that fish hate him, and he's not far from wrong.

 It wouldn't be a competition without a few enemy teams to defeat. You'll be introduced to your competitors prior to the race commencing and get to know them as the game progresses. Watch out for Team Black Mist, headed by Bartog, who's not exactly on best terms with the Pupanunu people. The other two opposing groups, Team Grammazon and Team Jibba Jabba, are not quite as menacing, but don't let that fool you. After all, this is a competition. There are ways to sneak ahead of course. You can collect extra time on your ticking clocks by taking on Side Quests, which are scattered throughout many challenges. Although you don't need to complete these to finish any given challenge, you may find goodies such as extra time or a recipe card. Added time is great because at the end of a challenge any time remaining is converted into points. Likewise, recipe cards can unlock blessing gems for some added stamina. Tak and Lok will come across some other items on their quest for glory, like potion ingredients and chanting stones, both of which can be used to create powerful magic.

 The environments were colorful and challenging and the characters interacted splendidly with both.  I love the mini skits between game play and the sound effects were fantastic. Now, I'm not a chicken-hater at heart, but if Tak or Lok happens upon a group of roaming hens, go ahead and give 'em a toss. There's no harm done, but the squawking was definitely entertaining. And, if you find yourself sensing a familiarity with the voice of Lok don't be surprised. For those of you who've ever seen the live-action TV version of The Tick, it's none other than the big blue bug himself, and I must say he lends a certain clunky charm to the lug headed Lok. So gather up some Juju mojo and lead Tak and Lok on their first adventure into Pupanunu history. They might be a pair of unlikely heroes, but who doesn't love an underdog story?

Review ID Number: 657
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THQ Games
Review Date: 2006-01-26
Reviewer: Kristin Sardy
Rating: 10 out of 10
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