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  Razer Mantis Control/Speed Mat


1. Precision surface optimised for gaming
2. Speed / Control surface for high / low sensitivity gamers
3. Oversized 444mm x 355mm x 4.3mm design
4. Fibertek cloth weave for superior performance
5. Rubber base ensures grip on the smoothest surfaces

The Razer MantisTM Mat is the next generation of precision gaming surface created For Gamers, By GamersTM. A premium cloth mouse mat engineered for top of the line tracking and enhancing gaming performance. The intricately woven fibers of the FibertekTM surface ensures precise targeting and tracking without limiting the velocity or acceleration of mousing movements.


My first thought when these two mats/pads arrived was what could be the difference between the Speed and Control versions? So I had to try both out as soon as possible.

First of all the size of these mats are HUGE! Fortunately I have the biggest desktop in this office so I got to give the pads a try. They wouldn't fit on anyone elses desk. So be sure that if you are thinking of one of these pads that you have a large desk area. I have yet to discover why they are that big. Aside from the fact that you likely won't run out of mousepad during the heat of the battle, thats for sure.

Is there a difference between the Control and Speed versions? Yes, you bet there is. The Control version has a fine texture to it and the speed version is very smooth. Personally I liked the Speed version better. The feel of the Control version to me, almost felt like there was loose cloth particles on it.

I tested the pads with the Copperhead Gaming Mouse which I had thought was incredibly smooth before in my review on a regular mouse pad. But seriously on these new gaming pads its so smooth that not only do you gain an advantage in your game against foes, but you can also game longer without your mouse hand and wrist becoming tired.


I think I'll stick with the Speed version for a few days and see how it goes. I really like the smoothness of these pads. While they are designed for gamers, I'd suggest graphic designers also have a look at the Control Pad. I can see the extra size and precise control being a huge advantage in the graphic design trade.

My only question about the mats is the size. I can understand the advantage of over-sized mouse pads in gaming, but these go beyond over-sized. Really it could have been 1/2 or even 2/3 the size and still been a very effective gaming mat.

But serious gamers should really consider the Razer line of gaming periphials for hard core gaming. Hopefully I'll have the opportunity to have a look at Razer's ExactMat and wrist pad.

Oh yeah .... the mats look great too!!!

Review ID Number: 660
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Razer USA
Review Date: 2006-02-07
Reviewer: Brad Lawryk
Rating: 9 out of 10
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