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  Everglide s-500 Gaming Headphones

Words from the company:
Ultra-light Membrane for Instantaneous Audio Response
The Everglide™ s-500 Professional Gaming Headphones features an ultra-light membrane for instantaneous audio response. Faster than most conventional speaker drivers found in traditional headphones, the Everglide™ s-500 Professional Gaming Headphones are optimized for millisecond feedback to provide gaming response.

Technical Specifications
Frequency Response - 20Hz – 20,000Hz
Transducer - Dynamic
Nominal Impedence - 16 ohm
Max Sound Pressure (SPL) - 102dB
Max Power Rating - 100mW
Weight (w/o cable) - 360g
Cable Length - 3.1m
Available Color - Carbon Black, White

 The review:

For those late night gamers who don’t want to wake up the family playing games on line with those loud special effects and music, here is Everglides answer. The first thing you notice is the comfort of the unit on your ears. The padding feels nice with very little pressure. The sound is awesome and for my gaming experiences it was enjoyable using the headset.


The unit does come with a long cord for those of you with plug-ins at the back of the computer although most new systems connections are on the front. The headset is of course adjustable for all size of heads.

I started wearing these myself and it would take quite a bit to make me change. Thumbs up on this one

Review ID Number: 661
  Product Details
Review Date: 2006-03-25
Reviewer: Nick Sardy
Rating: 10 out of 10
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