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  QuickBooks Pro 2006

QuickBooks Pro 2006 is an easy, streamlined, user-friendly accounting package.  From the home page to running reports, this program has come a long way in addressing the bookkeeping requirements of the average business owner.

The navigator list has what you need just a click away, with detailed icons on screen to make entering information a breeze.  The ability to customize no longer requires one to adapt to preset limitations, rather the program is flexible enough to be set up to instantly take you to the areas you use most.

Reports are clear, concise and easily adapted and memorized to your own parameters.  If the numerous preset options are not what you are looking for, easily make the changes you would like to see and save for future use.  The use of graphs makes for an easy overview for those that prefer a visual view of where their business stands.  The reports area of QuickBooks provides all the information you could hope for in a format customized to your needs.  With an audit trail, modified transactions are easily tracked and year-end reports to your accountant are detailed and complete.

Entering information in all modules is a breeze, with the quick entry of new accounts, customers and vendors.  The on board calculator makes accounting for the GST one easy step without having to do the math separately.  Anything that speeds up the process of data entry is a very welcome perk.  The "Care Centers" for customers, vendors and employees provided most of the information you need with just a click on the customer or vendor name including history and the original transaction.  You can then create a new transaction from there, without the need to go back screens.

Although QuickBooks Pro seems to utilize a lot of the computers capacity (it is slow to load) once up and running it is a very smooth, capable program.

All in all, this is an excellent program for all of your bookkeeping needs.  Easy and efficient, from accounts payable and receivable, inventory, special projects and payroll, I recommend QuickBooks for keeping track of your business.

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Review Date: 2006-05-03
Reviewer: Erica Walstra
Rating: 9 out of 10
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