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  Luxor Games – Luxor, Amun Rising, Mah Jon

Words from the company:
Amun Rising

Glory and Adventure await as you return to save Ancient Egypt from certain doom in Luxor: Amun Rising, the sequel to the runaway hit action-puzzle game. This time, you must defeat the rebellious Princes of Megiddo before they overthrow the Pharaoh and plunge the Two Lands into chaos! Once again, the challenge will not be an easy one as you battle through 88 awesome, all-new levels. You must use your mystical winged scarab to shoot magical spheres, making matches of three or more to destroy the approaching colored spheres. Stop them all before they can reach the Pyramids at the ends of the path... or all of Egypt is doomed!
The powers of Isis are again at your command, including explosive Sun Hieroglyph fireballs, thundering Lightning Bolts, and Scarab Color Bombs. To help you confront this grave rising threat, Isis has also bestowed upon you the new Scorpion power-up, which calls forth a magical scorpion from the Pyramids to destroy up to the first ten spheres it encounters. Eliminating an entire chain of spheres will destroy the scarab minion that pushes them and release the sparkling Bonus Gem hidden within. You can even earn an extra life by collecting 30 golden Ankh coins.
As you battle to the armies of the Princes of Megiddo, enjoy the breathtaking original music score and thrill to the electrifying sound effects. Filled with excitement, adventure, and loads of intense action, there is only one question you must ask yourself: Can you drive back the rebellious Princes’ invading forces and once again save Egypt?

Mah Jon
Embark on an epic quest to recover the stolen treasures of Ancient Egypt in LUXOR: Mah Jong. The fun and challenge is unending with 200 unique and exciting layouts available in 3 awesome play modes; Adventure, Single and Traditional. Three difficulty settings ensure that any player from novice to expert will find a challenge, and 3 exotic tile sets make LUXOR: Mah Jong a truly custom experience. In addition, with the all new player ranking system, you can work your way up from a lowly farm hand to become the Pharaoh of all Egypt!
In Adventure Mode, Egypt’s greatest riches lie concealed behind the locked doors of 22 mysterious hidden chambers. Match and remove scarab tiles in search of Golden Ankh Keys to unlock the doors that bar your way. Your quest will be difficult, but the gods and goddesses of the Two Lands will aid you by providing five powerful sacred tiles. Invoke the Vision of Isis to magically reveal matches. Use the power of the Horus Transformation to instantly change tiles from one type to another. Unleash the fury of Set’s Storm to destroy tiles that block your way. Call upon Thoth’s Exchange to switch the position of any two tiles you can see, and Anubis’ Fetch to move a single tile.
In Single Mode, practice any layout from the Adventure Mode without risking any lives, or just play your favorite layout over and over again. The scores you earn in this mode also count toward your player rank.
In Traditional mode, relax and play any of the 100 unique layouts using the classic Mah Jong rules.

The Review:
Gaming companies are trying to maximize their profits by providing games that are downloadable through the internet and this is the way of the future. One can get just about any game simply by downloading it in the comfort of your home.

I found out how many people had downloaded the Luxor Games and I was impressed by the incredibly high number for what seemed like a simple basic game.

I tried the three games from Luxor and this is what I found. The first Luxor game where marbles of different color roll out and you need to take them out in sets of three or more started out simply and got more and more intense with each level achieved. Some levels were very hard but not impossible and that is what made the game so inviting. I can honestly say that it was addictive as well. I could feel my heart racing just so I can finish to the next level.

The second Luxor game, Amun Rising was simply a sort of continuation of the first game with infinitely more levels and challenges and just as addictive.

The latest of the Luxor games was Mah Jon, which certainly is not a new game and many others have publish it but this one did have a twist in it with special tiles that give you bonus options. This version of Mah Jon is actually more fun than some of the others I have tried in the past and of course that graphics are excellent as well.

Luxors triple set is one that everyone should get and most already have because they are lots of fun and will keep you going for a long time.

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Mumbo Jumbo
Review Date: 2006-08-08
Reviewer: Nick Sardy
Rating: 10 out of 10
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