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  Flight Sim X

I have looked at Microsoft’s new Flight Sim X (I bought it) and found it to be “crap”. It is a definite downgrade from the previous 2004 version as it is missing planes (eg.182) that were in the previous version. It is missing the water in our Williams Lake (B.C.) and nearby river - the Fraser - biggest river in B.C.

Vancouver airport now has trees at the end of the runway - sorry they're not there in the real world - Vancouver has lost most of its photographic streets and homes to have the occasional home and numerous trees placed here and there.

These are the only errors that I have picked up but that is allot for just 2 airports. What does the rest of the world look like?

The graphics are better - edges of the wings etc. are sharper and will probably look even better when the Direct X version update is released.

It takes 13.5 gigs of hard drive space. Bigger than the operating system. It is jerky on a P4 3.3 with a 256mg video card and 1 gig of ram.

Another negative is that now Microsoft requires that the game be authorized on line before you can run it and apparently you can only reauthorize it 2 times.


I would recommend that you stay with Flight Sim 2004 for now until the Vista update for it is released.

Get your act together – Microsoft.

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Review Date: 2006-11-10
Reviewer: John Mitchell
Rating: 2 out of 10
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