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  Quicken XG 2007

Use Quicken XG 2007 to help you manage your personal financial information, be it balancing your cheque book, monitoring investments, planning and saving, or monitoring your small business. 

Easily download information from your financial institution in one step.  With the ability to scan and attach receipts, invoices, warranties and more to a transaction, reviewing and confirming information is a breeze.  The cheque register is concise and easy to use, reconciles accounts quickly, and gives numerous options for each transaction.  Schedule bills coming due and never miss paying a bill on time again.  Customize the cheque register screen and see only what is important to you.

One of the best features is the numerous choices of reports.  From understanding in an instant where you stand today or where you plan to be in the future, Quicken offers you the ability to plan debt reduction, save for your children's education, calculate finance charges on loans and mortgages, and plan for your taxes and more.  Customizing reports to reflect individual preferences is quickly done once reports are displayed and save them for future recall with the click of a tab.  Get an immediate picture of where your money is going; are you behind or ahead of goals?  Forecast your finances and find out if you're on track.

Monitoring your investments has never been easier.  Review your RRSP and portfolio, gains and losses or estimate capital gains and once again, instantly see if you're on target.

A powerful business tool allows you to monitor your small business.  Track all your basics from payables and receivables, income reports and the net worth of your business or allocate income and expenses to projects.  No more wondering where your home business is at, use the easy to understand reports and the answer is at your fingertips.

I found this program very user friendly. The time it takes to set up this program is well worth the effort.  Either import data from a previous version or let Quicken XG 2007 walk you through the process and you're on your way to managing your money, plan spending and monitoring your investments.

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Review Date: 2006-11-11
Reviewer: Erica Walstra
Rating: 10 out of 10
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