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  Ultra Mon

 Realtime Soft is a small software development company located in Bern, Switzerland. The company was founded in 1998 by Christian Studer.

I just ventured into having 2 monitors side by side. I was stumbling around trying to set them up to work as 1 monitor – just larger – when I found a reference to Ultra Mon.

I contacted Christian Studer and he sent me and evaluation copy. It would normally only cost $39.00 US and has a 1 year free upgrade policy. Although the present version "mostly" works in Windows Vista, he is writing Version 3 for Vista. His site also has a user's form where you can have your questions answered by other users or Christian himself.

I installed it and it placed an icon in my taskbar. I clicked on it and experimented with the numerous settings. Within minutes I had both monitors working as one large monitor. Ultra Mon allowed me to switch my primary and secondary monitors so that my mouse could move from one to the other (#2 became primary and #1 became secondary). It also installed 2 extra window controls - on the upper right of each open window - which allow you to either spread a page across both monitors (great for spreadsheets) or flip a page from one monitor to the other without having to drag it across both monitors.

It also allowed me to spread my taskbar across both monitors, either as a mirrored taskbar or as a "smart" taskbar which only showed the open pages that were displayed on each monitor.  It allowed me to have either 2 desktop screens or stretch 1 photo across both of the screens. I immediately started grabbing scenery photos from the numerous pps files that I have received in emails and experimenting. Whow!

I could go on for hours listing the features that this program has and how simple they are to use but if you have 2 monitors – you need this software tool.

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Realtime Soft
Review Date: 2006-11-28
Reviewer: John Mitchell
Rating: 11 out of 10
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