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  Sam & Max Season One

Sam & Max Season One is a collection of previously released Sam & Max short games, from episode 1 to episode 6.  Installing Sam & Max Season One only takes a couple minutes and only a few clicks.  It also only takes a few minutes to learn how to play the game.

The game has some really funny and comedic elements to it, such as the dialogue and even the graphics.  The game features parodies of certain TV shows and other types of media focused things.  If you're playing the game without sound it takes away almost all of the comedic dialogue because the subtitles go by pretty fast.  The sound quality is excellent in the game, especially the voice-overs.

The game can get confusing at times.  It's a mix between adventure and puzzle solving, but the adventure part is very, very limited.  The controls are very simple.  You click on the ground to move to that spot.  But that can get frustrating really fast because there is no way to zoom in or out.  The fact that you can't move the camera manually makes the space in the game feel very cramped with limited places to click to move your character around the screen. 

At the beginning of each episode you start in Sam & Max's office where you get a phone call and a case to solve for the duration of that episode.  Walk around a little bit, click on some things, talk to people around you, and all of a sudden your mission is accomplished.  All in a days work for Sam & Max, freelance police.

The game is meant to be directed at children and adults, but with aggressiveness of the character Max it's directed more at the adult audience then the children.  There is some weapon violence and a little bit of language that might not be suitable for the younger children. 

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Telltale Games
Review Date: 2007-08-16
Reviewer: Matt Reym
Rating: 6 out of 10
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