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  Adobe Photoshop Elements 6 & Adobe Premiere Elements 4

Words from the company:
Adobe' Photoshop' Elements 6 & Adobe' Premiere' Elements 4 software combines two powerful yet easy-to-use products to deliver the most complete photo- and video-editing solution at a great value. Get all the functionality of the individual products plus the ability to easily access and use photos and video clips in either product to create cinematic slide shows, dramatic freeze-frame effects, and more. Then show off your finished projects on personalized DVDs, high-definition Blu-ray Discs, or on the web.

Combine photos and videos in entertaining ways.

Get everything in the individual products and more'Enjoy all the great functionality of Adobe Photoshop Elements 6 and Adobe Premiere Elements 4 as well as additional combined functionality that lets you easily create with photos and videos'all for a great value.

Save time with centralized access to your photos and video clips'Access all of your photos and video clips from one convenient place, no matter which product you're using.

Put photo slide shows in motion'Create a traditional photo slide show, and then add video-style effects and transitions and add motion to your text. Preview the slide show in full screen and then burn it to disc or upload to the web to share with your family and friends.

Do more with individual video frames'Capture a single video frame, add text, graphics, and other enhancements, and then put the frame back in your movie for a fun or dramatic freeze-frame effect. Or grab a video frame and create a personalized disc cover for your movie.

Include treasured memories in your movies'Add visual depth and variety to your movies by including digital stills and scanned film photos.

Bring out the best in your photos

Make your photos look their best'Take advantage of one-click fixes or step-by-step assistance that makes editing easier than ever. Then explore advanced options for making finer adjustments; add artistic effects; and experiment with easy-to-use compositing tools.

Do more with your photos'Make customized photo creations using new themed layouts and even create dazzling interactive web galleries. Take advantage of online offerings to upload photos and creations directly to the web, order prints, and more, and easily share on mobile phones and other devices.

Easily find and view all your photos and video clips'Keep photos and video clips at your fingertips with faster, easier downloading, custom tagging, powerful search options, and viewing choices that allow you to sort and find your photos the way that works best for you. And now you can scroll through, tag, and view and retrieve photos faster'even when your library grows to include thousands of photos.

The Review:
Adobe Premiere 4
I started the review with the Adobe Premiere because I had to do some video editing for a local company and so I had the perfect test to carry out. I am not the type of person to read manuals or books on how to do things because I want to see how the average person uses a program and I need to see how easy it is to use. This is important because if I cant figure a program out with all my experience using hundreds of programs then how could a novice use it without difficulty.

Well the program is very easy to use and all you need is common sense. You open files, drag them to your work area, you cut and splice and insert title pages and the program runs very smoothly.

I am not here to give you step by step instructions but rather advise you that Adobe has done it again! They have a very easy to use video editing program that the average computer user can actually use and enjoy using.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 6
As I mentioned in previous reviews of various Photoshop's and this one is no different. I LOVE Photoshop ' any version. This one is simply more affordable for the average user and so I would most certainly recommend it to everyone. The Elements version helps the user with not just basic editing of pictures such as red eye correction and photo clean up but quite a bit more for the adventurous photo editor in every one. This version lets you create an online album that can be shared with others but then that is available through other programs as well but when it comes down to it this program has some truly innovative photo manipulation tools that one can fall in love with at the drop of a hat.

All I can say is ' no questions asked- run out and buy it. I said it is the cats meow and I don't lie!!!!! 

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Review Date: 2007-12-15
Reviewer: Nick Sardy
Rating: 10 out of 10
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