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  Bandits: Phoenix Rising
Word from the Company:
BANDITS – Phoenix Rising (BANDITS) is a Mad Max-style action game for the PC, immersing gamers in a desert world of battle cars and desperadoes. In BANDITS, players control a cannon-mounted combat car blasting a multitude of enemies and cargo trucks while defending their gang and seeking glory. Gamers will encounter more than 22 missions in a variety of terrains ranging from car duels, train robberies and storming of trade outposts to battling it out with hordes of heavily armed enemies.

• More than 22 single-player missions
• Extensive multiplayer mode supported via LAN and internet
• Custom built battle cars that fight over territories and plunder trade caravans
• Top notch graphics and amazing physics
• An incredible soundtrack, accompanied by fast paced action

The Review:
In this Mad Max type setting, you have a number of missions to carry out which involves driving your car and shoot at other cars mostly. The controls are a bit difficult using the mouse to turn and look around. The game forces you into an excitement phase that makes you want to win by shooting the enemy and go on to complete your mission.

I personally found it difficult to maneuver but then this type of game is not my specialty but I wanted to see how far I could get. The voice giving you direction is a harsh Scottish one and it does get a bit annoying. I also found that I could not save my game, which meant that if you got killed you have to start the whole mission over. Starting over can get a bit on your nerves as well. The graphics are smooth but the scenery is not too much to look at as you are in valleys and mountain passes all in a desert color scheme.

No matter how you drive your car always ends right side up so you can kamikaze a bit as well. The whole object is to kill as many cars as you can. After a while, you just want to run away but then you can’t accomplish your mission and if you get killed, guess what, yes it is back to the beginning. I think that if you have a lot of patience and develop shooting skills on the run, this can be a lot fun. So go out and see for yourself if this one is for you.

Review ID Number: 72
  Product Details
Tri Synergy
Review Date: 2003-04-14
Reviewer: Nick Sardy
Rating: 7 out of 10
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