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  Blokus World Tour

Words from the company:
The ultimate strategy game, Blokus challenges you to find a place on the board for each of your pieces (or polyminoes to all you Blok-heads!) before your passage is foiled!  But, it’s harder than it sounds—your pieces must touch by one or more angles, but never touch at an edge. 
 Blokus has won 26 awards since it was launched in 2000 and has become one of the most popular board games on retailers’ shelves.

·        Devise decisive strategy to expand your territory!

·        Compete on the Blokus World Tour

·        Quick Game mode lets you play a single round

·        Earn badges for speed, points and comebacks!

·                    Collect all the Gold Bloks!

The Review:
Mubo Jumbo Has come up with another wonderfully addictive puzzle game where you are pitted against computer characters who play harder and harder as you win more and more games.

This is another example of what a simple concept can take literally hundreds of hours of fun for a minimal price.

My hat is off to you Mumbo Jumbo, great game


Review ID Number: 722
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Mumbo Jumbo
Review Date: 2008-04-29
Reviewer: Nick Sardy
Rating: 10 out of 10
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