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  S12 Energy Plus Power Supply – 650W

Words from the company:
The culmination of over 30 years of leading edge power supply design and production expertise enabled Seasonic to be the first power supply manufacturer to receive the coveted "80 Plus" certificate in the United States.  Now this "80 Plus" certified high efficiency power supply is available to the general market in two models, the S12 Energy+550 and the S12 Energy+650.

In response to high energy costs and increased environmental awareness, Seasonic engineers focused sharply on efficient utilization of energy. By incorporating state-of-the-art Dual Forward Converter circuit design with active power factor correction, the S12 ENERGY+ achieves industry-leading efficiency ratings. This efficiency increase over standard power supplies enables all end users -- from governmental organizations and companies to private individuals -- to enjoy substantial energy savings and operating cost reductions.

The S12 ENERGY+ also incorporates a Dual Magnetic Amplifier circuit to achieve a class-leading 3% regulation on the all important 12VDC rail to meet the high demands of high-end graphic cards, CPU's and peripherals.

The Seasonic S12 ENERGY+ models fulfill European Union regulations for RoHS, WEEE and most major worldwide safety requirements. These power supplies represent the ultimate in efficiency, stability, silence and green innovation and redefine the term "high-end" PC power supply.

Special Features:
Dual Magnetic Amplifiers [Mag-Amp]
Cross regulation tolerance on +12V lines are improved from standard 5% to 3% for optimized stability.
Double Forward Converter Design
Advanced topology for the highest efficiency.
Multiple +12V Outputs
Enhanced +12V current capability broadens utilization possibilities.
High Reliable Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors
Top quality components increase product life & reliability.
Super High Efficiency [up to 88%]
Optimal solution for low energy consumption, noise & heat.
Active Power Factor Correction [99% PF]
Reduces line loss & power distortion.
Special Features –Silence
Smart and Silent Fan Control [S2FC]
Smart thermal control to balance noise and cooling.
12cm Double Ball Bearing Cooling Fan
Increase airflow and lifetime, reduce rotation speed and noise.
Soft-Mounting Rubber Cushions
Reduces fan rotation & vibration noise.
Ultra Ventilation [Honey Comb Structure]
Doubles the airflow & lifespan with half the RPM & noise.

Special Features –Flexibility
All in One DC Cabling Design
Supports PC, IPC, workstation, server, & dual CPU systems.
Universal Video Card Support
Supports all multiple PCI-E video cards technologies.
Patented Easy Swap Connector
Unplug the connectors easily & quickly.
Universal AC Input [Full Range]
Plug & run safely anywhere in the world.
5 Year Warranty
Our Commitments to superior quality.

The review:
First of all, with all the information about the power supply's capability described above in the "Words from the company", I will not go into any technical detail. I would rather expound on the fact that in today's computers, whether it is a gaming computer or a high end business computer, the power supply is a key component. With the demand of more power for the various plug-ins and add-ons, you have to make sure that your power supply is not only adequate but steady and trustworthy as well. We have used Seasonic for power supply for as long as I can remember and we have never had any problems with breakdowns or power fluctuations and this is because of the efforts of Seasonic to produce a quality product.

The demand for more and more Wattage has been kept up with by Seasonic and you can read the reviews of previous Seasonic PS's in this magazine by going to these links:

By reading these previous reviews you will see that if you need a dependable power supply, then Seasonic is the company to go to for a great reliable power supply. 

Review ID Number: 723
  Product Details
Seasonic Electronics Co.
Review Date: 2008-08-05
Reviewer: Nick Sardy
Rating: 10 out of 10
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