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  Age Of Pirates 2

 Hi all, The gameplay on Captain difficulty. Disclaimer: I`m an adventurer and like sailing around, trading, doing small missions. Have not consciously made any endeavour to progress MQ or such.
- the difficulty lvl is very high. Captain lvl is said to be normal, try that...
- music is horrid, immersion destroying frankly, at least after you`ve heard the very rousing soundtrack for the trailer on Playlogics site,
- low encounter rate too low, normal too high,
- the maritime knowledge quizes, supposed to give you useful items are extremly annoying for a non english speaker. Even if I know what is wanted in Swedish, I usually forgot it in English and it`s not my idea of relaxation to play a game with an open maritime dictionary at the side,
- the small side quests can be annoying, especially finding spy and sink pirates. Finding an unnamed pirate and sinking him means generally sinking ALL pirates in the vicinity. Nothing for a low lvl char...
Finding jewels for moneylenders seems to be bugged. The jewels seem not to spawn sometimes.
- the larger side quest seem to be very well done and need you to have your brain in gear, some seem to come from "RoSL" and it`s not a bad thing at all,
- starting new game with the same hero might provide different ships and starting locations, very good. Adds replay value.
- leveling system, really good and interesting(also imported from "RoSL", BTW). BUT, if you read the manual, you see that the game world is player centered. The game lvls with you, not you lvl up to the game. This affects rewards and loot.
I don`t know how weighted this is yet, but this approach if taken to the extreme like in Oblivion makes the idea of leveling redundant. What`s the point of improving if irrespectively of lvl you do not get some easy fights now and then???
- officer system flawed, all ship classes need all types of officers to operate efficiently. Considering how expensive officers are it makes running a small ship efficiently very hard. And you start with a small ship. Multi specialists are available, very good, but their cost negates the advantages.
This because hero perks are individual, ship perks work only with appropriate officers. A captain should at least be able to be his own navigator and trader.
- artillery works awful, without a VERY good cannoneer, you will not hit a three-decker at point blank even once. With your own three-decker...
- mel'e combat is very hard, but in a realistic way. Fighting against multiple opponents is terribly difficult, you need help and that is as it should be.
Anyway, the game is very playable thanks to/in spite of the above and knowing who made it I think that the deeper you delve into the main quest the better it gets. Here we have content, not only graphics, which are nice anyway.


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Review Date: 2009-09-02
Reviewer: Mike Kubilius
Rating: 7 out of 10
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