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  American Conquest

The maps are great looking but there’s definitely cause for worry if you play MP. Resource and layout are not balanced. One player can really get screwed. One player’s minerals may be scattered close to the other player. The number and placement of neutral tribes can be very unbalanced. During one SP game the AI allied with the 2 tribes between me and my coal sources. You can guess the outcome.

The high mountain maps are hard to read. I’ve been surprised (shocked more like) to see enemy troops waltzing through what I though were impassable mountains. Getting an accurate read of the mountains takes time.

IMHO huge maps are the best for water maps. Frigates are just too powerful otherwise. On small maps they can get around too quickly and their guns can reach almost every inland site.

On huge maps they take their good old time to move which makes deploying them an important strategic decision. If you send them to an enemy locale they’ll be gone for years.

I find the ship physics the best of any RTS game I’ve played.

I also found the game to be very challenging almost to the point of frustration. New RTS players will quickly become frustrated, while experienced RTS players wil wonder what they ever did without it. The graphics are simply amazing in every detail. You can even see each individual soldier reload his weapons.

Something else that I noticed that I havn't in other RTS games is that when you deploy troops to battle they will do their thing and then retreat back to hold their positions. In any other RTS battles, the troops generally do their battle untill someone is all killed off and then they sit there waiting for the nextcommand. The AI in this game is very well don!


Since the game has yet to be released as of review in Canada, I searched and have managed to find a few bugs.

So far the best (or worst) bug occurred when some troops tried to board a ferry (huge, islands, 2 v 2). Some of the troops “missed” and started walking on the water! They walked all the way across the ocean, through the enemy’s island, and kept going until they reached the other side of the map! You can’t select them once they started their incredible journey.

Sometimes playing in an online game it will lose its synchronization and it may appear that you are playing against your opponent after clearing the Alert Message, you are actually playing the AI and not your opponent.

I would also suggest playing the game with the music turned off. There is a real problem with lock up between songs where everything freezes for a few seconds. I have heard that there will be a patch for this in the future.


Experienced RTS players shouldn't pass this one by! RTS Newbies ..... may best look elsewhere. Had the game come with a tutorial level to learn the controls and techniques, I would have rated this game much higher. As it is, the best I can do is a 7 out of 10.

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CDV Software
Review Date: 2003-02-18
Reviewer: Brad Lawryk
Rating: 7 out of 10
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