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  Business Card Maker 5.0

 Words from the company:
Business Card Maker solves all of your needs when it comes to business cards and badges. Over 150 professional templates can help you make a business card in 5 minutes, without having to hire a designer. Simply select a template you like, add your name and contact information and print it out on paper. If you are a creative type, the program can help you design your own business card from scratch.
Used to be that you had to go to a professional designer and pay for creating a business card. Now things have become easier. With Business Card Maker in place, you can save money you used to spend on a designer and create a business card that makes you look professional in the eyes of partners and clients. For this, this $29 app comes packed with more than 150 business card designs created by a skilled designer. All you have to do is pick a template, add your photo and contact information, and then print your finished project on printer.

The Review:
The program is a twofold type of program. First it is a simply pre-designed database to hold company personnel information in order to produce business cards for everybody in the company. With the big list of templates to choose from, you are able to design from scratch or use a template to start from and create a personalized business card. Once designed, replacing job title, name and phone number is a breeze using the database.
Fixes needed:
The company should make sue to provide options of where this program is to be used as in north America, the decimal point is a dot where as elsewhere they us a comma for the decimal mark. I know that this is minor, but it will confuse the uneducated.
Also this program needs to have templates for the various Avery numbered pre-cut type pages that most people use in North America to make it easier to print to exact page cuts otherwise the design does not fit standard Half inch on top and bottom with no spaced dividers between the cards.
Otherwise this  is a fun program to use and certainly the price is right.

Review ID Number: 761
  Product Details
AMS Software
Review Date: 2012-08-03
Reviewer: Nick Sardy
Rating: 7 out of 10
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