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Jon Peterson, author of the new guide to all things gaming Playing at the World: A History of Simulating Wars, People and Fantastic Adventures, from Chess to Role-Playing Games, is one himself. An avid collector, passionate player, and patient researcher, Peterson spent five years perfecting Playing at the World. In it, he reveals little-known facts about the evolution of modern gaming: from fictional battles with boards and dice, to simulating wars, and finally, to simulating people. Meticulously researched and put together, Peterson leaves no stone unturned as he explores the rich history of games and how it has all led to today's cultural phenomenon.

The review
I patiently waited for this book out of curiosity. I finally received it and this near 700 page paperback has more info on gaming than I have ever seen in any other documents. The history of gaming is covered by in-depth researched info by Jon Peterson who seems totally immersed in the subject.

This book is an important document in that it provide a streamline of how games as a form of entertainment has progressed over the years and how technology has guided it into its incredible intricacies.

This book could sit very well on anyone's library as a good referenced informational book on gaming.

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Smith Publicity Inc
Review Date: 2012-12-27
Reviewer: Nick Sardy
Rating: 10 out of 10
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